Money License for Crypto Exchangers for 2020

If you start a Money Business without an MTL Money license the thing that can happen is that you probably are going to open a merchant account or a Bank Account and later after a couple of weeks or months the bank is going to close your Merchant Account and Bank Account. Trust me a lot of Beginners think that they can move money from different people, by opening just a Corporation but at the end, they finish with a fine over $250,000.00 USD and the bank is never going to work with you again.


So what is the solution?
SecurePaymentz can help you with opening your Money License (MTL) + the MSB (Money Service Business). The process takes 2 weeks more or less and later you can go to the bank and open a Money Service Banking Account and you can have tools like Merchant Accounts.

Can you imagine offering these kinds of services and grow without any trouble?
Also, we’re going to give you a Banking Software + Website and help you to grow with your business.

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